Which Apple to Use? Discover the 16 Varieties of Michigan Apples!

One comment on “Which Apple to Use? Discover the 16 Varieties of Michigan Apples!

  1. This is the ABSOLUTELY BEST website explaining apples & other fruits!! I am being serious not sarcastic! It is not filled with a bunch of garbage that no one cares about. One thing I think would be very helpful & interesting is the species of fruit/apples that are now either extinct even some still grown in very private orchards such as vintage, heritage or heirloom apples… This would be a lot of fun for kids to eat apples that our great-great-grandparents grew up on… A piece of history, if you will. I think there is an orchard out near Ann Arbor or Battle Creek area, my memory fails me, its been 42 years since I’ve been there so i might even be way off on the location… anyway, My parents took us on a road trip to this orchard (and its all ORGANIC, without a doubt, lol ) I was 11 yrs old & just lost my best friend (my granddad) . Just to back track a bit to a short story, My great-granddad was a neighbor of one of these family orchards & my granddad, as a child, hung out in these orchards, he & his friends would eat these apples until they got sick they ate these apples over candy!! lol (little weirdo’s… Lol ) just a lit’l fun story about my granddaddy… anyway, I lost my best friend in the late 1970’s & as being devestated by his passing; the following year, apple season, my dad had an idea of taking our family to this orchard. O…..M……G…..!!!! NOW those ARE APPLES!!! Like nothing you can imagine! I seriously,….. can still imagine the taste of them! Crisp, Juicy, Sweet, & i want to say they have an undertone of a melon type taste but FULL of apple flavors.. Sounds strange but WOW! Some how they seem to stay well chilled too! They keep for a very long time as well… I will do dome checking to see if these orchards still are in operation & open to the public… If so, i will pass on the information & post the information. Plus this will give me some incentive to do this eith my kids. Thank you again for this website! Keep up the great work!! High five yo y’all!! ????

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