In this episode of the Healthy Family Project, we sat down with our friend and longtime Produce for Kids blog contributor, Aggie of Aggie’s Kitchen, to swap easy dinner hacks! Aggie shared her tips for leftovers, pantry staples, kitchen gadget must-haves, and more. 

Aggie Goodman, of Aggie’s Kitchen, is an active mom of three who’s always thinking about the next meal. Her kitchen is her “happy place” where she can relax and do what she loves to do: feed her family and friends. Aggie loves to cook with simple fresh ingredients, focusing on health, ease, and of course, taste – especially these days as her family grows and life gets busier. When she’s not cooking or on her laptop, she’s most likely running around with her kids, getting in a good workout, finding peace in a book or getting her hands dirty in her garden.

Want to skip straight to a hot topic? See time stamps below. But of course, we recommend listening all the way through!

  • 1:51 Meet Aggie
  • 5:37 Weeknight dinner hacks to save time Favorite weeknight dinner hacks
  • 7:03 Pantry staples
  • 9:24 Must-have kitchen appliances and tools
  • 12:54 Tips for leftovers
  • 16:24 Freezer meals
  • 20:44 How to get the kids involved in the kitchen

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