6 Freaky Fruits and 19 Delicious Ideas for Halloween To gear up for Halloween, we have our friends at Melissa’s Produce sponsored over the blog today. Melissa’s specializes in fresh produce with an emphasis on specialty items like tropical fruits, exotic produce and, of course, Freaky Fruits! All opinions are our own.

Halloween is about fun, and about all things scary! That’s where Freaky Fruits come in. Whether you’re decorating for a Halloween party, looking for a spooky dish or just want to have fun with produce, here are a few ideas to spark your imagination for a spook-tacular feast.


Rambutans have the texture of a grape, with an aromatic and floral grape-like texture. They’re very easy to peel with a knife, and you can also use your fingernail to slit them open along the seam.

  • Add pomegranate arils to make Mini Monster Snacks
  • Brains (slice off tops)
  • Dragon Eggs
  • Mummies (slice stripes through fuzz)

Get tips on how to pick, prepare and store rambutans!


They might sound intimidating, but cactus pears are actually very easy to peel and have sweet, succulent fruit with a tropical, watermelon-like flavor.

  • Make Dragon Egg Stew
  • Bleeding Hearts
  • Vampire Snacks (juice served in test tubes)


Passion fruit has a bold, sweet tart flavor that wakes up your taste buds. The bright, orange-yellow pulp contains crunchy, edible black seeds.

  • Whip up some Zombie Eyeballs
  • Creepy Crawlies (spoon over cheesecake or yogurt)
  • Witches Brew (stir passion fruit into bubble water)


Kiwano melons have a cucumber-banana-melon like flavor and the most electric green color you may ever find in nature.

  • Carve them into Monster Melons
  • “Spiked” Drinks: slice off top of melon, remove pulp, and shave down spikes on top. Use as cups!
  • Lanterns: carve as for Monster Melons, put on heat-safe plates, and put a candle inside carved fruit

Get tips on how to pick, prepare and store Kiwano melons!


Buddha’s hands have no fruit or seeds inside, only a smooth white pith. Give a finger squeeze and enjoy the marvelous perfume!

  • Make your own Sugar Worms
  • Unicorn Horns
  • Witch Fingers


Jackfruit may look prehistoric, but couldn’t be more now. This of-the-moment. This tropical superfood is a great substitute for meat in dishes like pulled pork, but it’s super-sweet pods can be enjoyed in many ways. The tutti-frutti tropical taste inspired the flavor for Juicy Fruit® gum.

  • Centerpiece, cemetery, or both? Haunted Graveyard
  • Place on your doorstep with your pumpkins! Should keep for 7 days if it’s 52 degrees outside or less; adjust time accordingly.
  • Candy Corn fruit kebabs (try with papaya and cherimoya)

Get tips on how to pick, prepare and store jackfruit!