25 Healthy Vegetarian Plant-Based Recipes

3 comments on “25 Healthy Vegetarian Plant-Based Recipes

  1. I like receiving your email and enjoy browsing through the ideas of meals you provide each time; however, since my kids and I don’t eat any animal products, I was hoping to find some plant based/ vegan options.
    (meat/egg/cheese less) .

    I think that if you added a section with those type of meals to your email it would be welcomed by all parents who are looking for healthier options for their kids. Besides, animal free products are more resistant to room temperature and more likely to be used for kids lunches; I know many friends who send their kids to school with “vegan” meals, because they don’t have to worry about keeping the meat, eggs, diary, mayo…etc.. at a certain temperature.

    Thanks, and I hope you’ll bring this idea up to the write people and hope to see the “plant based meals” addition to your future emails.


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