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Episode 52: Fresh Produce 101: How to Pick, Clean & Store

In this episode of Healthy Family Project, we talk to Pamela Riemenschneider all about fruits and veggie hacks and must-know tips to save money and keep your produce fresh for weeks. Pamela shares her infinite produce knowledge to help us store our fruits and veggies properly, ideas for using up foods before they go bad, and an avocado hack that will change your life!

20 Healthy Picnic-Friendly Recipes

Summer is the perfect time to pack a picnic and head to the local park for some family time. Make sure to pack your basket with some of these fresh and tasty recipes including salads, sandwiches, sides, snacks, desserts and beverages!

5 Ways to Turn Eat Smart® Chopped Salad Kits into a Meal

We partnered with our friends at Eat Smart® to bring some new inspiration to your dinner table. We’re not talking about complicated recipes with too many steps either. Eat Smart’s Chopped Collection™ makes creating new, fun and exciting meals super easy – everything is already prepped for you!

9 Simple English Muffin Ideas for Breakfast

My girls jump at any chance they have to show off their budding culinary skills. They love to try new combinations of flavors to see how they taste together. I remind them often that great taste doesn’t always equate to elaborate preparation and this round-up of easy topping ideas for English muffins proves just that.

Episode 51: Distance Learning Tips from an Educator

In this episode of Healthy Family Project, we talk to Tanya Acosta about navigating distance learning. With states around the country announcing school closures for the remainder of the year, distance learning is our new normal. We invited our long-time friend, Tanya Acosta, an elementary school educator with 16 years of experience, to share distance learning tips for success.

How to Relax About Your Kids’ Quarantine Eating

You know there are more important things to worry about right now. And yet you can’t help but cringe when your kids dig into yet another bowl of boxed macaroni and cheese for lunch–or feel guilty that they’ve eaten more homemade cookies than fresh vegetables lately.

Cooking Substitutions: Easy Swaps for Common Ingredients

As we all face uncertainty and stay-at-home orders, a quick trip to the grocery store just isn’t in the cards. If you are like me, you find a recipe and then hopes are dashed as you find out you are missing just one ingredient. Back to the drawing board I go. After facing this several times in the last week, my daughters and I found ourselves asking Alexa what we could substitute. After some thought, I decided it would be a fun activity for me and my daughter, Charli, to research and talk to our friends and family about their ingredient swaps and share with all of you.