Tips to Get Outside (Safely!) This Summer with Crispy Green GO!

26 comments on “Tips to Get Outside (Safely!) This Summer with Crispy Green GO!

  1. We are loving it we play from sun up till sun down. Badminton,volleyball, you name it and before long backyard camping with snores. #Produceforkids

  2. Learning how to ride a bike, Playing soccer in my yard, running through the sprinkler, and helping in the garden. My family is going to start to keep bees and we will make honey.

  3. Anytime we can get outside we do. Walking, biking, hiking, tennis, swimming and so on. We love the warmer weather!

  4. I bought a used fort swing set and have a small kiddie pool for the kids. For the adults I had a patio installed with a fire pit. I’m looking forward to the family coming over for cookouts.

  5. We have spent the last few weeks preparing our yard for summer fun.The yard also funtions on weekdays as a home early education daycare. The kids have assisted with getting vegetable garden ready and each is in charge of some plants. Going for hikes & drives to add some variety and hopefully camping.

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