In this episode of Healthy Family Project, we talk to Jessica DeLuise, MHS, PAC, author of Eat Your Way to Wellness, on the importance of food and how it can positively or negatively affect our health and wellness. Jessica uses her medical expertise to help explain the background behind this “Food as Medicine” movement in a way we can all understand. From inflammation to mood and anxiety, Jessica breaks down foods and actions that can help improve your health.

Jessica has a Masters degree in health science and practices as a medical physician assistant. Jessica is a certified culinary medicine specialist from Tulane University and is ServSafe certified for safe food practice.

She founded Eat Your Way to Wellness as a platform to educate and counsel clients. Food is the foundation for good health and by choosing quality ingredients and fueling your body with proper nutrition you can look and feel your best. More than that, Jessica wants to dispel the myth that “health food” is boring or bland.

Disclaimer: Before making any health or diet changes, please consult your doctor. The information shared in this episode is meant to be informative but not replace medical advice from your doctor.

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Want to skip straight to a hot topic? See time stamps below. But of course, we recommend listening all the way through!

  • 1:36 Food as medicine
  • 3:51 Credible sources to learn more about food as medicine
  • 5:45 Foods that support a healthy respiratory system
  • 8:45 Foods that help with inflammation
  • 11:16 How does food affect mood?
  • 15:45 Foods to battle a cold

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